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Ассоциация «Eurostone technology» — группа ведущих производителей высокотехнологичного оборудования Италии. Более 15 лет на рынке. Мы полностью формируем заводы под ключ,как в России, так и за рубежом, по добычеи обработке природного камня (гранита и мрамора).

«Eurostone technology» является действующим членом следующих компаний: Filtering system srl — водо- и воздухоочистные сооружения для камнеобрабатывающей промышленности Pellegrini Meccanica S.p.A. — станки алмазно-канатного пиления блоков и обработки поверхности камня, карьерное оборудование Diamondwire technology — алмазные канатыдля распиловочных станков Dal Forno — Грузоподьемные средства и оборудование

Our mission

Обеспечить камнедобывающие и камнеобрабатывающие предприятия России и стран всего мира современным высокотехнологичным и экономически выгодным оборудованием и обработке природного камня

The technological principle

Effective technology of extraction, sawing and processing of stone

Maintains the integrity of the stone (almost without defects), and is more fast, efficient and high-tech method of extraction of stone

Best use of technology in the production

Reduces production costs due to:

  • reducing waste and losses of raw materials
  • reduction of areas
  • reduce downtime in production

Meets all the requirements of labour safety and ecology

Meets all safety standards and protection of labor, sanitary-hygienic and environmental standards

Our warranty

Quality equipment

Italian products comply with international quality standards and is more durable and more efficient Chinese counterparts

Advice of experienced professionals

We have more than 15 years on the market and part of a group of leading producers of high-tech equipment for processing and production of natural stone

Service for the entire period of operation

Provide warranty services throughout the life of the equipment and machines

A high level of service

Remote maintenance. Check out equipment at the facility for 1-2 days irrespective of weekends and holidays. Expert advice manufacturers.

The formation of production under a key

The generated plants from the ground and fully supplied (mounting, panel, technical service, consulting)

Our regular customers

The equipment supplied for the implementation of the program "MY STREET" in Moscow

Commissioned a machine that performs multiple cutting, large-scale radial elements for the implementation of the program "My street".

In the framework of the project in 2017 it is planned to reconstruct more than 80 streets, boulevards and squares of Moscow.

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We will respond within 15 minutes during working days and in during the day this weekend


We will respond within 15 minutes during working days and in during the day this weekend